Shut Up And Dance!

There are two files open on my computer right now: “For My Blog” and “Not For My Blog.” There are things going on in my life that are not for my blog, and they are overwhelming. So what to focus on?

How about the song that has wormed its way into my dreams? Right now, “Shut Up And Dance” (by Walk The Moon) plows through my mind like a steam engine. My brother knows all the words, because his brain snaps lyrics onto melodies as soon as he hears the opening line. I like to make up my own bizarre blend of vowels and consonants that are not necessarily words and pretend that I know what the singer is saying. Jacob can always tell what I’m doing.

“Shut Up And Dance” is so bouncy and catchy and happy that it makes me bouncy and catchy and happy (or as bouncy and catchy and happy as I can be in any given moment). If you watch the video, you see an awkward guy have his experience changed by a cool girl with red hair. It is a dream come true for anyone who has felt weird at a school dance, which is probably 75% of any given population. Myself included. Myself definitely included.

For my seventh-grade semi-formal, I wore a floor-length, maroon, velvet dress and my hair up in a strange messy bun. The dance was Hawaiian themed, and the only boy who asked me to dance had a toy parrot taped to his shoulder. People were grinding up on each other with their short skirts, and everyone seemed to know the words to the songs. I harmonized in my head to feel less alone and hung out with my teacher.

So yes, the “Shut Up And Dance” scenario is intoxicating, especially when everything seems so serious and hard. My inclination is to try to figure it all out, to think and worry, think and worry, just like the awkward guy, who sings, “Oh, don’t you dare look back, just keep your eyes on me. I said you’re holding back…” He thinks and worries, thinks and worries, and then: “She said shut up, and dance with me!”

How perfect! Before, I would have said that the solution is to find someone else to make it less awkward, but the more I think about it, the more I wonder: how can I become my own cool girl with red hair?

Now, thanks to Walk The Moon, I have an anthem for September 2016.  Sarah, stop worrying and thinking!  Shut up and dance!!


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