Writing About Writing A Blog

From what I’ve gathered in the first two hours of writing a blog, it is a good idea to change location about four times before opening your computer.


It’s also probably a good idea to make a cup of tea, gulp it down, make another cup of tea, and gulp that one down, too. It seems like being outside is good, but inside might be good, too. Think about that for a little while. Really think.

This is all to get the juices flowing, of course. I know all about it. I’ve been writing a blog for two whole hours, and I’ve already written one hundred and twelve words.

Writing a blog is step #1 in joining my generation. It seems to be something that people did back when I was in high school, but now that I am mature and everything, I thought I would give it a try. The first step to writing a blog is to write about writing a blog, and so here I am, writing about writing about writing a blog.

There are some things going well in my life right now (my neighbors just grew so many tomatoes that they let us come over and harvest them! there aren’t many mosquitoes this year! I figured out how to put podcasts on my iPod!), and there are some things going not so well (unemployed! at home! writing about writing about writing about writing a blog!).

My plan is to write about both. Maybe even at the same time, because things never are all one way or all another way, are they?

2 thoughts on “Writing About Writing A Blog

  1. Love love love. I can certainly relate on almost every account. I’ve started a few blogs but have never been able to keep going with them. You, my dear, write beautifully. Please please keep going and keep me posted. Perhaps I will return to one of my abandoned blogs and we can cheer each other on? 🙂


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